Leadership is a vital part of my life. I grew up in a family of leaders and knew from a young age I liked to be at the forefront of a group, however big or small. Journalism has provided me an opportunity to grow these skills, and I have in turn affected change for new reporters in our school’s program.

I promised myself from the day I was offered the Editor-in-Chief position that I would lead authentically and honestly. Every single student that I work with is well aware that I struggle as well, both inside and outside of school, and they know that I will be there for them regardless of the problem or the position I hold in their life. Being a leader is more than giving direction, it is forming bonds.

  • Freshman Year | 2018-2019

    Live Stream Specialist

  • Sophomore Year | 2019-2020

    Social Media Manager

  • Junior Year | 2020-2021


    Copy Editor

  • Senior Year | 2021-2022


    Student Advisor

Liz is an extremely fun and hard working person who is not afraid to take risks. She works on listening to everyone’s ideas without judgement and leads with confidence. The best thing about her leadership is her authenticity. Liz does not back away from being herself and her being a real person, not some perfect version that no one can relate to. Being able to be real as a leader is important and helps people open up and feel comfortable around her. Although she’s laid back and can go with the flow, Liz also has a drive to finish what she starts which encourages others to do the same. She never abuses her leadership or uses her extensive experience to be better than others, but always is there to help others learn and considers everyone’s voice as equal. Ultimately, Liz is a beautiful role model of courage and perseverance who has a God-given ability to lead.

Evelyn Vigil, Sophomore, Copy Editor

As a freshman, I entered the terrifying world of journalism and media and it was extremely confusing at first. Liz was the anchor of all the crazy thoughts. She reels everyone back in for story meetings, social media planning, and setting. She strives for perfection, and always leads others to do the same. Liz is a thoughtful and encouraging leader who knows the ins and outs of journalism. She always looks out for the younger members of the class and is truly inspiring. Liz often drops what she’s doing to help others and usually knows exactly what to do. Liz is a strong, persistent, dedicated, and all in all loving person who is always willing to sit in the leader chair. She often leads the class, and through this Liz has become a mentor and an even better friend. Without her can-do attitude and optimistic views of the world, the Norse Code staff would be lost. Liz is an inspiration to us all and we are sad to see her leave, but excited to see where she will go. 

Zoe Sellers, Sophomore, Website Manager