While writing and reporting was originally my favorite aspect of journalism, I soon found other passions. However, writing always stayed important to me. During my junior year I coined my column series “The Brighter Side”, a group of opinion articles offering up situations under the lens of a glass half full. Further into my journalism career I decided to create more hard hitting articles to bring awareness to national and global issues.

In my four years as a journalist for The Norse Code, I have written and published dozens of articles. Below are some of my best works.


Officially Unmasking?

Are things finally going back to normal? One of the most controversial topics of 2020 and early 2021 is undoubtedly masks. On both sides of the issue there are many strong and differing opinions. This issue has trickled down from the Center of Disease Control, through states, counties and schools. Recently, Bigfork School District had…

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Statewide officials

Who was elected in Montana and other votes The presidential election has been highly publicized. It seems no one is unaware of the White House drama. However, less might be aware of the state election results. Though as learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, state leaders are very influential and important.    Montana elected largely Republican officials…

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How do I know?

A quick rundown of where each presidential candidate stands on important issues. With all the chaos that surrounds the upcoming election, the facts about what each candidate supports can quickly become overwhelming or lost. As November 3rd nears, the pressure is on to decide where votes will be cast. Some voters know nothing about the…

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Plunging for a cause

The Annual Polar Plunge Event Every student has heard of the Polar Plunge. However, not every student jumps for joy when they hear the phrase. As a result, many do not participate. Student Resource Officer, Paula Sullivan, hopes to change that this year.      Sullivan is a part of the planning board for the Polar Plunge.…

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Possible phone policy change at BHS

Discussing the phone policy at Bigfork High School The cell phone policy at Bigfork High School has been a popular subject in the eyes of students and staff alike.  Many teachers have differing opinions about this policy. And though they differ one thing remains the same, humans as a whole are addicted to the tech…

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The nano library gets a new home

Imagine walking into your local library, hoping for the next installment of your favorite series. But to your dismay, when you arrive, you find a small cramped space, with long transfer waits, no study area and more picture books than encyclopedias. This is the kind of library space the people of Bigfork have been dealing…

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Viking Valhalla

A recap of the vikings football season The Bigfork Vikings’ football season can be described as nothing short of awe inspiring. The team fought out a 9-3 season, going deep…

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Vikings show spirit

A recap of BHS homecoming Homecoming, a week loved by most, if not all high schoolers is especially loved at Bigfork High School. Here, it seems as though school spirit…

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Anton’s no good, very bad, day

Speech and debate meets can often be long and uneventful occasions. However, the Columbia Falls Invitational held on November 17th proved this statement to be untrue. As it began as a normal speech and debate meet, and ended with an Airpod scandal.    Policy debater, Anton Young, the owner of the aforementioned Airpods, as well as…

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Seniors, listen up!

Likely by now most seniors have a collection of college marketing letters, pamphlets and emails. All of which scream to seniors another thing to do. They struggle enough keeping up with academics, sports, extra curriculars, community service and their social life without adding college applications to the list.     Most seniors realize that there is not…

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Senior spotlight: Gabe Grende

Amidst the troubles of 2020, Bigfork High School Senior Gabe Grende adventured down to the city of Butte to help on the set of director Michael Polish’s new series Bring on the Dancing Horses. Interested in filmmaking since childhood, Grende began officially working on film sets in 2019. Grende explained that “Michael found me through…

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‘Tis the season to be stressed

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time of year. It is typically a time to rest, relax and spend time with loved ones. Often though, there are many unseen stressors. A NBC news survey showed that “forty-five percent of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas,” Every minute of the holiday season seems to…

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The side effects of holiday spirit

The importance of holiday spirit in 2020 It is no mystery that Covid-19 has ruined many events this year. As for those it has not ruined, it has changed things dramatically. This year has been difficult for everyone worldwide. With Christmas quickly approaching, the difficulties that surround this holiday season are becoming ever more present.…

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