Our social media accounts was one of my first responsibilities for the Norse Code. My sophomore year I was named social media manager, soon after we introduced more frequent posting by all members of the staff instead of a single reporter.

This ended up back firing as we started to post for the sake of posting and not for news, so we yet again changed our policy to hold a weekly social media story meeting regarding upcoming events. This ensured that what we were posting was newsworthy and that nothing would slip through the cracks.

Website design also became a passion of mine. I first learned web design on Weebly before we transferred our platform to WordPress. I also learned the program Showit, utilized by many professional photographers, to display my photography portfolio.

Web and social media has always been an area in which I am extremely comfortable. I use it as a marketing and news tool for both the Norse Code and my business, Truly Liz Photography.

For more posts, check out my hashtag #lhyde22

Due to accessibility issues, last year we switched to WordPress from Weebly. I was in charge of the website design. Get a more in depth view of the Norse Code website below.

During the 2020 quarantine, we published our senior edition online for more access. Click here to get a more indepth look at Class of 2020 senior website.

Truly Liz Photography

Most recently I have been building my photography business through web and social media. This has included using Instagram and Instagram Reels as a marketing tool and building my website with Showit.