In my design have always strived for things to be simplistic while also visually entertaining. I was introduced to graphic design at a young age through my older sister who studied graphic design in college. It is something that is naturally easy for me, yet the frustration causes an even better sense of achievement.

The previous Norse Code Logo designed by a former Editor-in-Chief

My revamped version of the Norse Code logo aiming for simplicity and more continuity capabilities.

Some of my best infographic works from past editions of the newspaper.

During early quarantine, Norse Code still produced our Senior Edition featuring all the class of 2020 seniors. I designed the cover, backpage, and the website, which you can view here.

During quarantine I color blocked the senior staff’s photos to go alongside their goodbyes to the school. It was something we decided at the last minute to add and was a project of blood, sweat and tears as it was a new medium to me on a short timeframe.

I also crafted the cover and destination map for the 2021 Senior Edition as well.

The past two years I have been assigned the spread of our magazine style newspaper. Double the content made for double creativity.