Liz Hyde has built an entire brand on being her authentic self. Liz is a strong leader with an even stronger sense of humor. She fell in love with photography when she was 14 years old and plans to continue her photography business while she studies business at Brigham Young University.

When she is not culturing her passion for photography, she manages the Bigfork High School football team. She also participated in Speech Original Oratory, where she placed at State twice. During her high school years, she also took 57 credits of dual enrollment classes. 

At home she prides herself on being daughter, a sister and an aunt. As the youngest of six she has been honored to be an aunt since she was six years old and now has 13 nieces and nephews. She also is the proud owner of two labs, Two and Obie. 

One of Liz’s most formative experiences was when she lost her Dad to cancer in the eighth grade. One of his last pieces of advice to her was to follow her dreams, which pushed her to pursue photojournalism and then wedding photography.