Statewide officials

Who was elected in Montana and other votes

The presidential election has been highly publicized. It seems no one is unaware of the White House drama. However, less might be aware of the state election results. Though as learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, state leaders are very influential and important.

   Montana elected largely Republican officials in the 2020 election. Montana also voted 56.9 percent for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Currently in Montana, the governor, Steve Bullock, is a democrat. But because he has reached his term limit he decided to run for the senate. However, Bullock did not win, and Republican Steve Daines was re-elected. Steve Daines wants to bring better paying jobs to Montanans, as well as protect public lands and find good energy sources. 

   The new governor-elect is Republican Greg Gianforte. Gianforte was in the House of Representatives during the last term. Gianforte also wishes to bring high paying jobs as well as lower taxes to help Montanans recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

   Matt Rosendale will be replacing Gianforte in the House of Representatives. Rosendale is invested in affordable healthcare for everyone, including those with preexisting conditions. He likewise wants to protect and expand public lands. 

    Legislation that was put up for a vote were Initiatives 190 and 118 to legalize marijuana and change the legal age respectively. Both initiatives passed, however it was a close vote. Other ballot initiatives were the 130, a revision of concealed carry laws; 46, constitutional amendment signature changes; and 47 initiative signature change. 

   Other elected officials in the state are Austin Knudsen for Attorney General, Christi Jacobsen for Secretary of State, and Elsie Arntzen for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

   Newly elected officials will take office on January 1st 2021.

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