How do I know?

A quick rundown of where each presidential candidate stands on important issues.

With all the chaos that surrounds the upcoming election, the facts about what each candidate supports can quickly become overwhelming or lost. As November 3rd nears, the pressure is on to decide where votes will be cast. Some voters know nothing about the election and pressing issues, while others need a refresher. Either way the simple facts of presidential standpoints are important to know.

   Gun Control

   While Biden has always always supported bans on assault weapons, Trump has changed his opinion in recent years. Where once he supported gun bans he now states that gun bans will not prevent violence and individuals have the right to protect themselves and their families.However, not always do these presidential candidates have a clear opinion on things, such as universal background checks on those buying guns. While Biden is very “pro,” stating that he will issue assault rifle and background checks to handle the violence epidemic, Trump is undecided. Trump states that background checks are already strong and that mental health is a big factor. However, he also mentions that he will strongly look over options presented by The US Congress.

   Gun Free Zones are a hot topic in the news as of recent years. Under that topic is Gun Free Schools. In 1990, Biden authored a crime control act which states it is illegal to possess a gun on school grounds. This act passed in November of 1990. Trump opposes this, saying that regardless if schools are gun free there will still be threats. He states that having licensed and trained officers and teachers will be the best deterrent to school violence in the long run.

   Defunding Police

   Both Trump and Biden are against defunding the police. Biden approaches this issue with alternate solutions such as in department psychologists to support officers. Trump reassures that police officers have let citizens live in peace. He also mentions that, “we want to make sure we don’t have any bad actors in there.”

   Confederate Monuments

   Trump no longer supports the removal of confederate monuments as he once did, saying that it would take away a piece of our heritage. Biden, however, believes the opposite and says they should be taken down and put in museums.

   Withdrawal of Troops

   Both presidential candidates support the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East conflicts. Both parties would like to conclude this issue that is costing American dollars and lives. 


   Another hot debate topic is that of abortion. Biden states, “As president, [I] will be a champion for improving access to health care and the health of all by: Expanding access to contraception and protect the constitutional right to an abortion…reverse the Trump Administration and states’ all-out assault on women’s right to choose.” Controversally, Trump strongly disagrees, saying that he is “strongly Pro-Life,” with certain exceptions where the woman was victimized. 

   It is no mystery that voting is important. As a free Republic Democracy, it is vital for citizens to be educated on current issues and so they can vote on things that matter to them.

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