Plunging for a cause

The Annual Polar Plunge Event

Every student has heard of the Polar Plunge. However, not every student jumps for joy when they hear the phrase. As a result, many do not participate. Student Resource Officer, Paula Sullivan, hopes to change that this year. 

    Sullivan is a part of the planning board for the Polar Plunge. Her and the rest of the Sheriffs office will be taking the plunge, since law enforcement is one of the Special Olympic’s biggest sponsors. Sullivan hopes that there will be “more involvement from students and staff here” as well as “more support and more money raised.” 

    The Polar Plunge in Flathead Valley will be held on February 8th during the whitefish carnival. Jumpers can sign up under the event tab on The Flathead Valley is the only Polar Plunge in the state still called the “penguin plunge.” Jumpers can sign up as a team, as an individual, or as a “chicken plunger”, one who donates and does not jump.

    Money raised can also go specifically to a certain school, special olympic team, or be spread out across the whole valley. When donations are made, the donor is given the choice of what school or organization to which the money  be given. 

    As an incentive, there are gifts based on the amount of money one raises. Gifts begin when one raises $125 (goosebump level) and extend to $5,000 (glacier level). Gifts span from blankets to coolers, all with the Polar Plunge logo. The overall goal for this event is $70,000.

    The polar plunge has been held in Whitefish, Montana for nearly 21 years after it being the first city in Montana to host an event.. Since 1999, the polar plunge has expanded to 12 other venues in Montana. These events raise, on average, $350,000 every year.

    Sullivan says, “I hope to see maybe more competition between schools.” It is the hope of her and most others involved to make the highest amount of money to support this great cause.

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